It’s been a while since my last blog. I thought that I would have so much time during lock-down to write weekly or at least bi- monthly blogs but alas… keeping a school alive during lock-down was more time consuming than I imagined. The uncertainty for all of us: parents, children, staff; the stress of keeping all staff on board with at least some part of their salaries in order to ensure they would be able to buy some food, the nurture and care the staff and parents needed, the distant training of staff to be able to connect with the children virtually, creating activity packs for the children to enjoy at home…… was harder than our daily, usual work routine. The added emotional and mental stress created some anxiety in me BUT hey- WE DID IT.

We re-opened on the 7 July with all Protocols in place, very excited pupils and parents. We have realized how resilient and accepting our pupils are. Thanks to the virtual connections the teachers had with the children, they came back, as if nothing was any different. Saying good bye to mom and dad at the gate has been really easy, a small ask when returning to their safe haven, their comfort zone, their happy place. Even the process of sanitizing and taking temperature has been quite smooth for our precious pupils.

The children are back. Playing outdoors in the sunshine as much as possible, playing with their peers, sharing stories, engaging in conversations, washing hands often and having fun. Back into their routine, expanding energy by playing physically outdoors, learning through play and exploration, getting home feeling happy and exhausted, sleeping well at night. Happy Children=Happy Parents= Happy Teachers.

I thank my staff for being incredibly strong, loyal and dedicated to our beautiful school family. I thank the parents who continued to support us financially and who trusted us. I thank the children for their joyful laughter, constructive energy and happy voices which they have filled our playground with.Through good, clear and honest communication we have created the most amazing TRUST.

May each day become easier as we venture on this ‘unusual’ journey together. Every obstacle in life is an invitation to become stronger, more connected and to add to our daily learning.