Two more weeks of ‘lockdown’ have been added in South Africa and so we carry on, working from home, teaching from home, staying at home……We have revised our year calendar and will shorten the August holidays by two weeks and add an extra week to our year’s end, breaking up on the 11th December. In this way we will make up for school time lost, which will mean that parents will be able to focus more on work, knowing that their little ones are being cared for at school. I applaud my teachers who have continued to keep in touch with the children and parents through video calls, recording of stories, songs, music lessons and guidance videos for the parents. Something new to us in the preschool, as we usually avoid screen time and focus on learning through active play, discovering while exploring a variety of provocations. We have all learnt how to create online lessons, how to record videos and about a variety of media spaces available to create platforms on which to post information for parents. I applaud the parents too, as working from home, while trying to entertain and keep little ones occupied is not easy. We are grateful for our philosophy of teaching which encourages children to spend hours on their own, creating many interesting constructions, artworks, patterns and learning moments using loose parts and recycled materials, as well as being used to playing outdoors using nature in all forms: water, mud, leaves, pine cones, sticks etc. The most important message we sent to our parents was to be CALM and to minimise STRESS. Being home has exposed the children to a fabulous love- filled curriculum: parents at home, time to chill, hopefully more stories read from books at bed- time, being involved with house chores, assisting with cooking and baking, paging through photo albums, having meaningful conversations, free drawing and painting, enjoying the home outdoors (if possible), sharing space and equipment and hopefully spending time being resourceful with whatever materials one has at home, playing board games and doing some outdoor activities for gross motor: swimming, cycling, obstacle courses. Just live life and incorporate learning into daily happenings – best way fr children to learn. We hope you have made use of the developmental milestones and guidelines we posted on the Parent Portal… so many life skills can be learnt during this time. No need for set lessons, you can teach them the most valuable lessons by being, loving, calm and interested parents: be present, listen and engage in conversations.